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Yoga Poetry Competition – Get Creative And Express Your Inner Heart Song

Today’s blog post is inspired by a request I received from a fellow yoga teacher, Mira Mehta, to share details about an upcoming Yoga Poetry Competition she is running, organised by The Yogic Path. I’m sharing her news to encourage you to get creative and express your inner heart song:)

Yoga Poetry Competition


Welcome and hugs dear friends, and as usual thank you for pausing in the midst of your busyness to visit my blog. I trust you are well and taking time to rest and be present with your breath.

Get Creative and Express Your Inner Song

One of the best ways I know to get creative and express my inner heart song  is to meditate and write because this practice enables me to see beyond the madness of life. As I sit in silence and tune in I access that quiet calm space inside and after meditating I stay in the silence and allow my thoughts to glide across the pages of my journal.

In fact, my first ebook, Returning Home to the Healing Waters of my Soul, is a collection of grief and loss poems I wrote, following meditation, as a way to help me deal with the pain and suffering I felt when my cousin Sherry and brother John died within 18 months of each other. It was a very sad period in my life and it was writing and meditating that helped me through. Here is one of the poems I wrote, at that time.

Yoga Poetry Competition

I’d love you to buy a copy of Returning Home, because it really highlights my pain and journey to recovery and shows how I use meditation and writing/spiritual poetry to express my inner heart song.

Because of my interest in writing and journaling, which often takes the form of  “Yoga Poetry”, I was delighted to receive an email from Mira Mehta from the Yogic Path telling me about their 2013-2014 Yoga Poetry Competition.

Here’s More Info About The Yogic Path 2013-2014 Yoga Poetry Competition

The poetry competition  organised by yoga poet, Mira Mehta offers you an opportunity to take up your pen, write a few words and if moved, enter into Mira Mehta’s Yoga Poetry Competition.

Prizes include signed copies of Mira Mehta’s yoga books and your work published in Yoga and Health magazine.  Click here, to find out more details about the entry guidelines. The closing date is 28th February.

Final Thoughts and Inspirational Rumi Poetry Video

It will be wonderful if a member of our community were among the winners of this yoga poetry competition.  That would be awesome.

If you would like some personal 1-2-1 guidance about how to structure your thoughts and inspirations to write your poem or even to chat about any challenges you may have with meditating feel free to send me a Skype message (my Skype name is Ntathu Allen, UK) or  email me at and I’ll be happy to support you through the process.

And to get you inspired and in the mood for expressing your poetic thoughts, sit back, relax and by mesmorised by the magic of this video featuring Sufi Music I Rumi Poetry – HU – The Zikr by Anandmurti Gurumaa



Till next time we meet, may your heart be open as you breathe and capture the magic of your soul.

Happy Writing

Yoga Poetry Competition


Ntath Allen

P.S. Remember, to click here to find out more about the Yogic Path Poetry Competition. and to Skype or email me if you want an extra hand to write and share your poem. Thank you


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Loved the video, thanks for posting.

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