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Yoga Poem of the Week – Tadasana Is My Middle Name

Author and Founder of Yoga Inspires Ntathu Allen shares this week’s Yoga Poem of the week – Tadasana Is My Middle Name.

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Dear Gentle Reader, may your heart be filled with light and and any burdens you face be eased as you read today’s post. As you can see I’m going through a serious “self-love” phrase and that theme, surrender to love, self-love and inner peace is coming though loud and clear in my daily meditations, sacred journaling and yoga practice.

In my last post “My Top Ten Fears and Struggle to Find Inner Peace“, I opened up and shared my fears about the fears running silently in my life. Thankfully, through my daily meditation practice and support and guidance from business mentors and spiritual teachers, especially Shola Arewa, Frederique Murphy, friends and family and my three daughters, I don’t stay stuck too long.

The inspiration for today’s yoga poem came after meditating  and gliding into a gentle and loving yoga practice, I felt so strong and powerful – like a mountain, that I picked up my journal and wrote today’s Yoga Poem “Tadasana is My Middle Name.”  (Tadasana is the Sanskrit name for the Mountain Pose in Yoga)

Yoga Poem – Tadasana Is My Middle Name

Standing strong on my mat, Tadasana is my middle name,
a moving mountain, surpassing the pain within.

Standing strong, roots embedded, energy flowing, chakras aligned,
I lengthen the spine, soften the breath, open the heart to the glory within.

Standing strong in my power, Tadasana is my middle name.
Backbend, side-bend to the left or to the right, it’s all the same.

Leaning back, forwards, touching toes and breathing out,
letting go of the need to know – surrendering to the Goddess within.

Standing tall, arms hanging loosely by my side, I sense the energy within
flowing through from root to crown, absorbing the pain,
melting the ice, re-igniting the fire within.

Standing tall on the mat opening my heart,
Giving my all as I surrender to the love.

Standing strong on the mat, Tadasana is my middle name –
a moving mountain, flexing with the wind, honouring the Goddess within.
c. Ntathu 2013

Your Next Step 

As usual, I hope today’s post inspires you to keep up with your yoga practice or if new to this site/to yoga to check out your local yoga teacher for yoga lessons.

And if you want to feel healthier and have heard yoga is good for you, yet you are confused and unsure what style of yoga is most suited to your lifestyle and particular health needs, here are 4 questions you may be asking:

  1. How do I choose the right style of yoga for me?
  2. What questions should I ask before you join a yoga class?
  3. What “props” do I need to do yoga?
  4. How can I continue my yoga practice at home?

These questions and more are answered in my easy-to-read Kindle ebook - The Complete Book of Yoga for Beginners.

Closing Thoughts

Finally, as you can see from my various blogs on yoga, the practice of yoga – a centuries-old system for health and wellness, see part 2 of my 6 part Yoga For Beginners blog post “Yoga For Beginners – A Brief History of Yoga“, can play a key role in helping you regain your strength and sense of vitality, especially if you are going through hard times. The Complete Book of Yoga for Beginners, is based on my insider knowledge and practical teaching experience of yoga and gives you EVERYTHING you have ever wanted to know or ask about yoga! It’s the ideal companion for yoga beginners and more seasoned practitioners keen to be reminded of the roots of your practice.

Namaste hugs and thank you.


Ntathu Allen

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