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Wake-Up With A Smile – 3 Gentle Yoga Exercises In Bed To Ease You Into Your Day

Bless you dear friends; I pray you are well and if this is your first visit to my blog, Yoga Inspires- thank you for visiting.

Following on from our recent mini-series on the Sun Salutation, I received requests for a more “gentle yoga routine” to ease you into your day. So, today’s post covers 3 Gentle Yoga Exercises In Bed To Ease You Into Your Day.

The Sun Salutation is a marvellous way to boost your energy and give you an invigorating and energising start to your day. However, I know, some of you, despite all your good intentions find it difficult to motivate yourself to get up and do 5 rounds of the Sun Salutation first thing in the morning.

You Want A More Gentle Start To Your Day

If this sounds like you, here are three simple yoga exercises, you can practice, in bed to help ease you into your day. In fact, after a few days of doing these exercises you’ll feel more alert and awake and naturally want to follow this routine with a few rounds of the Sun Salutation:)

Gentle Yoga Exercises In Bed #1: Gently Stretch Your Body Awake

As you wake up, lay on your back in bed.

Gently stretch your body awake. Then close your eyes. Tuck your chin into your chest, which lengthens the back of your neck.

Make sure you feel comfortable.

Keep your legs straight out on the bed and gently point and flex your toes back and forth 5-7 times.

1. Hug both knees to your chest. Curl your body up into a small ball. Rock gently from side to side 5-7 time each side. Gently lower your feet back to the bed and slowly straighten your legs on the bed.

2. Gently squeeze your right knee to your chest. Let your left leg lay straight on the bed. Place both hands on your right shin. Focus your awareness on your feet and slowly rotate your right ankle five times in one direction, relax and repeat five times in the opposite direction.

3. Release your hands from your shin, straighten your right leg and repeat this exercise with your left leg.

4. Laying on your back, raise both hands. Rotate your wrist 5 – 7 times in each direction. Then shake your hands 5 – 10 times. Return your hands to your side. Lie still and absorb the energy

Gentle Yoga Exercises In Bed #2: Yoga Breathing Exercise

Known as pranayama, yoga breathing exercises help to replenish, revitalise and reenergise your system.
1. Lay on your back in your bed, with your eyes closed. Straighten your legs out on your bed, about 12-18 inches apart. Make sure you feel comfortable. If you suffer from lower back pain, rest your feet flat on your bed and have your knees pointing straight up. Keep your chin tucked in, to ease tension in your neck.

2. Rest the palm of your right hand firmly, yet gently on top of your navel and your left hand just below your collar bone. Make sure your elbows rest on the bed.

3. Spend a few moments observing your everyday breath. Then turn your attention to your right hand, take a few slow steady breaths in and out through your nose noticing what you notice about the way your hands rise and fall as you breathe in and out.

4. Gradually, allow your breath to become deeper and fuller and consciously send the breath from your lower right hand up to your left hand. Feel your hands raise as you breathe in and lower as you exhale.

5. Repeat this cycle of breathing 3-5 times.

6. Slowly release your hands and rest your hands on your tummy (finger tips of both hands touching) and spend a few more moments noticing what you notice about your thoughts and mind-state.

Gentle Yoga Exercises In Bed #3: Meditate

Still lying on your bed on your back, hands on tummy, take 5 slow steady breaths in and out through your nose.

Then, breathe in slowly and count “one”

Slowly breathe out and count “two”

Breathe in and count “three”

Breathe out and count “four”

Breathe and count “five”

Continue counting your breaths up to number ten.

Don’t worry if your mind wanders and you forget what number you’re on, simply go back to the beginning and start counting again from #1.

When you reach #10, rest a while as you return to your everyday breath.

Gently roll over to your side, take three more steady breaths and come up into a seated position.

Take a moment to smile and re-engage with your room; stretch your arms above your head and yaaaay…you are ready for your day.

How Do You Feel – How Was That?

If you enjoyed your Gentle Yoga Exercises In Bed routine, I encourage you to wake-up 10 minutes earlier tomorrow and practice this simple routine. Your body will feel lighter, more alive and you will be motivated to start your day in a more peaceful frame of mind.

Have a beautiful day and till our next blog post, may you be well and at peace.


Ps. Please share this post with your friends and family because it will make them smile:) Thank you.

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