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Self-Massage For Super Busy Women – A Simple 7 Step Routine To Reduce Stress At Work

Author and Founder of Yoga Inspires Ntathu Allen shares her 7 Step Self -Massage Routine to help relieve stress at work and weave moments of self love into your busy day.

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Blessings and heartfelt hugs to new and regular readers, I pray today’s post, “Self-Massage For Super-Busy Women, A Simple 7 Step Routine to Reduce Stress At Work finds you vibrant, cheerful and in good spirits.

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Me-Time Rocks

Like most women, I know Me-Time and self-love are high on your agenda, yet it is easy to let it slip off the table as the pace and demands of daily living take priority over your needs to nurture your soul. Because of a recent health scare, plus the fact I am 50 and my three daughters up and about stretching their wings; I am mindful of the passing of time and the need to prioritise and embrace self-love and Me-Time as a way to restore balance and calm to my life. You know what it’s like … you have time for everyone and everything else but not for yourself.

Self Massage Helps Relieve Stress

To change that and to show you how easy it is to reduce stress and weave moments of self-love into your day, here is a simple self-massage technique you can do at work to ease tension and soreness in your shoulders caused by sitting for long periods of time hunched over your computer.

Self- Massage – A Simple Self-Massage Routine To Reduce Stress At Work

One of the best ways to reduce stress and have inner peace and calm is to release tension and stiffness from your body by giving yourself a simple self-massage.

Here’s a simple routine for you to practice:

Self-Massage Technique Step 1. Sit comfortably or stand in a relaxed upright position. Gently stroke down your right shoulder with your left hand. Start at the base of your skull and gently stroke down your right shoulder to your fingertips with your left hand. Mould your hands to the shape of your body and use a firm yet gentle touch. Repeat 5 – 7 times then switch arms and stroke down the opposite arm.

Self-Massage Technique Step 2. Next, gently place your fingers at the back of your neck and softly knead and make small circular movements with your fingertips up and down the back of your neck (it helps if you tuck your chin in towards your throat). Take your time and work around your neck and base of your skull. Then smoothly stroke with alternate hands along the back of the neck area you just massaged.

Self-Massage Technique Step 3. Cross your arms across your chest and using your thumbs, index and middle fingers, gently squeeze and release the flesh around your shoulders and upper arms.

Self-Massage Technique Step 4. Release your arms and make a small fist with your left hand and gently tap up and down your right arm. This has a stimulating effect on the body. Repeat 3-5 times then change hands and tap up and down your left arm with your right fist.

Self-Massage Technique Step 5. Cross your arms by placing your right hand on the top of your left shoulder and your left hand on the top of your right shoulder and gently scrunch the tops of your shoulders together a few times, then slowly glide your hands down your arms to your finger tips and gently pull your fingertips as you release the pressure. Do this 5-7 times.

Self-Massage Technique Step 6. Slowly breathe in and out through your nose. Place your left hand on your left shoulder. Place your right hand over your head and rest your fingertips on your left ear. Gently pull your left shoulder down with your left hand and lower your right ear down towards your right shoulder. Take it easy and do not use any force or heavy pressure which can ultimately cause more damage. Breathe in and out slowly through your nose, with each breath allowing your head to relax to the right as you lower your left shoulder. Slowly return your head to the centre. Inhale and exhale and repeat on the other side.

Self-Massage Technique Step 7. Tilt your head back slightly and using the back of your hands, gently cup your hands around your throat and stroke your chin, your neck and throat area. Repeat this action several times then softly rest your palms on the top of your head and s-t-r-o-k-e down the front of your face, your throat, across your shoulders, down your arms and across your front and back and all the way down your body, down your thighs and calves to the soles of your feet. Repeat this “body sweeping action” three times then rest your hands on your lap and sit quietly tuning in and noticing what you notice about the way you feel.

Closing Words and Next Steps

How was that? How do you feel now? With practice, you can easily slip this 7-step self- massage routine into your day, especially when you feel your energy flagging. You will instantly rediscover the joy of calm and stillness in your body and feel energised and revived.

Take-Away Tip

Aim to practice this straightforward simple 7 step self-massage routine at least once a day over the next 3 days. I guarantee you will feel invigorated and have more energy and be a nicer person to be around!


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In the meantime, may your heart overflow with peace, and may you have a gentle and productive day at work.

Peace and hugs

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