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Self-Love Causes Miracles, Inspirational Poem

Bless you dear friends and happy day to you. For today’s post, I’d like to offer you an inspirational poem, Self-Love Causes Miracles. First of all, I pray you and everyone dear to your heart are well and enjoying good health. I always feel uplifted and happy sitting here writing and sharing the space with you. In the vlog below I share this joy and the poem Self-Love Causes Miracles. Thank you.

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Self-Love Causes Miracles – My Morning Meditation Experience

As usual, this morning I completed my daily meditation practice, picked up my pen and journal and the words for today’s poem, Self-Love Causes Miracles, flowed from my heart.

Lingering Fears Of Scarcity And Lack

Deep down I still have fears and baggage about being poor and undeserving. Recently a friend pulled me up about my choice of words and feelings of lack and limitations when I say and believe “I can’t afford” something.

The surrounding scenario caught me by surprise, so I know it was a message reminding me I have a choice, to dwell on my “lack and limitations” or rise up, focus on self-love and

healing and do what I can to manifest the dreams and aspirations nestling deep within my heart.

I took my dreams, goals and fears of “being poor and I can’t afford it” into meditation and asked for guidance and strength to let-go of these thoughts as they are having a negative impact on my confidence and effects how I grow my business and provide for my family.

As I connected with the silence I realised prior to my divorce I had confidence and unshakable belief in my ability to manifest and achieve all we needed as a family.

For example, with my parents support, my ex-husband and I were able to send our three daughters to private school and the girls enjoyed the privileges that come with private education. We were mindful of the pennies yet I didn’t feel “poor or have a sense of lack” and we were able, always through the grace of God to feed, clothe, treat and educate the girls.

My Aha-Moment – Nothing In Life Stays The Same

Anyway, as you know, nothing in life stays the same and I became aware just how deep, the sense of despair, feeling dishearten and broken, I felt during and after my divorce contributes to my current underlying feelings of scarcity and lack. Now that I recognise the source of this problem, and my desire for self-love, healing and happiness is stronger than my fears, I am able to let this limiting belief go because it is evident I am abundant and loved.

Recognising and letting go of this belief opens up new pathways within my heart and I smile and am happy and look forward to seeing what manifests.

To celebrate my latest light-bulb moment and to give thanks for the unfolding magic in my soul, here is the poem, Self-Love Causes Miracles. I pray the words resonate with you and soften your self-healing journey into more love and happiness.

Inspirational Poem, Self-Love Causes Miracles

c. Ntathu Allen 2014

Today I reclaim my divine inheritance, my sacred connection to the Source.

Today, I rekindle my faith and trust in God and all manifestations of the divine to guide me through the hard times and elevate and remind me of my greatness and soul purpose.

Today I acknowledge the truth of who I am and know without even knowing how magnificently divine I am.

Today I Give Thanks for the source of my being, to my breath and through the power of peace and prayer step forward and proclaim YES to life and being the best I came to be!

Final Words

Can you imagine what a magnificent holy world we’d live in if we all lived from our centre and lived life in our capacity of spiritual beings, no judgement of others, just total harmony, honour and happiness.

What would life like look like for you if you lived life from the centre of your being and whenever you felt down or anxious received an instant helping hand? I’d love to know, because your inspirations inspire and keep me going.

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Closing Prayer

May you forever be blessed with divine insight and may the angels of truth, simplicity and grace be with you always.



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