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Returning Home – Poetry eBook by Ntathu Allen

Returning Home to the Healing Waters of my Soul – A Collection of Grief and Loss Poems

If you are…

  • mourning the loss of a loved one
  • struggling to understand why your loved one has died or
  • a caring friend wanting to find a way to support your grieving colleague

…then this book is for you.

Returning Home to the Healing Waters of my Soul – A Collection of Grief and Loss Poems offers you words of comfort a sanctuary, a quiet place to go when you feel lost, alone and afraid of living.

Bless You Gentle Reader and Welcome to the “other side” of me.

During times of trouble, grief and unhappiness, writing poetry forms the cornerstone of my healing and growth.

“Returning Home” was written to express my sadness and eventual acceptance of the loss of my dear brother John and cousin Sherry.

“I sat and read Returning Home in one sitting. I could identify with the emotions that Ntathu writes and speaks about and knew that this was a book I would over time share with many others. Everyone needs a copy to have at hand to share with a loved one when the rough or challenging times hit. Like its author, Ntathu’s writing brings peace and grace to us in stressful times. A must for any collection.”

Jackee Holder
Author of Soul Purpose

“Returning Home is a work of exquisite beauty. Ntathu has journeyed deep into the well of grief and anguish and returned with this precious gift. The powerful
rhythm of a courageous heart and pristine spirit permeate these poems. By sharing her experiences, Ntathu offers solace and inspiration to those of us who have searched for meaning in the bleak and infinite landscape of loss. Long may she continue to sing out her truths and show us the way home.”

Sinéad McAteer

“The poems in the booklet came over to me as the author’s way of expressing her feelings in writing. They highlighted the different stages of grief. They also expressed the way I felt at different times. As a close relative of both the departed people. I too was experiencing anger to begin but as time went on I begun to look at things differently. I found ways of coping with my grief.”

Janette Brown

“Your poems are beautiful and very thought provoking. They touch the soul especially if you are coming from a place where you have lost a loved one, there is real connection. I found that some of them were ideal to go back and read again, because they provided me with inspiration, joy, strength and self-confidence.”


More Praises for “Returning Home”

“The book “Returning Home” brings back all the cherished memories I have of John and Sherry but it also reminds me of the author’s talents. – Aunty Claudia (Sherry’s mum)

Ntathu –
You had a vision,
You dared to dream.
Made a plan!
Took action!
Started that journey
returning Home
Reclaimed your heart
To inspire others – inspiring me”

Sonia Harris

“What a journey! Emotional and courageous. You took me and returned me safely. Bless you.”

Pippa Stacy

“Dear Ntathu,

Wow! What can I say. Firstly, I thank God for lending you to me as part of your journey. I feel honoured to have met you and shared your dream. Secondly, I wish you happiness and further fruitful inspiration to excel and share your peace and beauty to others in this troubled world. Blessings my love.”

Antoinette Daley
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