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My First Spoken Word Video Blog – I Am A Power Girl

Bless you dear friends, I pray you and your loved ones are healthy and well and thank you for visiting my blog. Following on from last week’s video blog, today’s post is another first; An Inspirational Poem and My First Spoken Word Video Blog, I Am A Power Girl. YAAAY!!! And here it is…

Inspirational Poems and Spoken Word Artist – My Secret Dream

Regular readers will know how much I love writing and inspirational poems and prayers are my forte. Despite my success in writing, for years I’ve held a dream of having the confidence to perform my poems live and entertain others like Suli Breaks.

But I lacked confidence and didnt believe I had the ability to speak out loud and perform my poems. So, I settled for writing and sharing my poems via by Kindle ebooks.

But, there comes a time in everyone life when you have to step up and claim your space and today, as part of my March 2014 Record and Post-A-Video-Every Day Challenge, I recorded myself reading today’s inspirational poem, I Am A Power Girl!!! YES!!!

Inspirational Poem – I Am A Power Girl

I was inspired to write the poem “I Am A Power Girl” after reading the book, Power Girl Secrets: Getting your EX Back in 6 Simple Steps And Keeping Him For Good, by Amanda Starr

Side Note: As you may know, I am healing from my divorce and am happy with my new life. I read the book as favour to fellow author and I’m pleased to say, it is an excellent “Girl Power” book!

Anyway, you can watch me read today’s inspirational poem, I Am A Power Girl over on my YouTube Channel by clicking here AND read the poem for yourself below.

Inspirational Poem – I Am A Power Girl

I am a Power Girl

A woman who knows her own worth and won’t settle for less than I deserve

I am a Power Girl

I am worthy, whole, loveable
Full of wonder and delight.

I am sassy, sexy, sensual and super-special.

I am the Earth, the sun and moon all rolled into one,

Strong yet fragile, supportive and whole.

YES! I am a woman, a soul dedicated to living a life in balance, wholeness and calm.


Closing Thoughts

Dear friends, what do you think of I Am A Power Girl? Did you like my video? I was so nervous yet had to do it:) In fact, I have been reading I Am A Power Girl every day since last week as part of my morning spiritual practice because it helps me to start my day on a positive vibe.

Special Request

I really hope “I Am A Power Girl” resonates with you and gives you strength and renewed faith in your ability to touch your dreams.

And, if you are a Power Boy…please share this poem with your daughters, mum, aunties, sisters, partner and all female friends, because the world needs more Power Girls to make the world go round.

Finally, thank you for being part of my journey and helping me to step up and shine my light.

Till next week, have a fab, restful day and I look forward to reconnecting soon.

May you and everyone dear to your heart be healthy and well


P.S. If you like reading my prayers and devotional poems, check out my Kindle ebook “Healing After Loss – 28 Devotional Poems For Healing And Loss. You can download your copy now by clicking here and if you enjoy the poems, please leave an honest review. Namaste.

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