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Guided Breathing Meditation For Beginners (2 minute vlog)

Bless you dear gentle friends and welcome to my blog. I pray you are well and in good health. Today’s vlog is a two minute Guided Morning Breathing Meditation For Beginners which I recorded earlier on during the week.

As you know I’m exploring and getting used to recording and using videos as part of my blog. It’s great fun and I’m enjoying the process. I’m very much in the baby stages of video recording and setting up my YouTube channel so please bear with me as I’m finding it a very steep learning curve.

Today’s post is an introduction to test the waters of a new series of blog posts I want to write to help you set up a daily morning meditation and yoga practice as part of your desire to live a healthier lifestyle. You can also view this 2 minute guided breathing meditation here on my YouTube Channel.

On-Going Student

Each time I record a video I learn a bit more of the puzzle. For example, I recorded this video sitting in my living room and as I was recording, Maleka, my middle daughter, was singing in the kitchen and if you listen carefully you can hear her singing in the background, which is OK, because my girls are very much part of my reason for doing what I do, plus Maleka and her twin sister Jameela have a good voice and always going around home singing. They have their own YouTube channel which inspired me to start one!! However, note to self, next time I record a video… let family know and ask them to be quiet.

I know most of you also enjoy reading the meditation as well as watching a video. As I haven’t learnt yet how to transcribe a video, please feel free to check out the breathing meditations I offer on my blog or visit Ceri Wheeldon’s website Fab After Fifty, where I regularly contribute to their Wellbeing Section.

My Daily Morning Yoga and Meditation Routine

The inspiration for today’s vlog (apparently a vlog is what you call a blog which has a video!) came from your requests for advice and support in setting up a daily morning meditation and yoga practice; therefore I thought I would write a series of blog posts or vlogs and offer you tips and techniques about how to set up your own morning routine and in the process share some of the various yoga sequences, meditation techniques, affirmations and prayers I use as part of my daily morning routine.

I am still working out exactly the best way to do this and by the next blog post I’ll be clearer on how to do this.

In the meantime, please enjoy this short guided breathing meditation which is a meditation technique I use on a regular basis as part of my morning practice, especially when I need instant self-healing and calm and don’t have the energy to sit still for a long practice.


I enjoy receiving your emails and hearing from you because our conversations strengthen my desire to step up and contribute more of myself to support you through the ups and downs of life. I appreciate your trust in me and thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey of self-healing and happiness. Please keep writing in and let me know your challenges and fears and inspirations and I’ll do my best to support you and find an answer.

Till my next blog or vlog, please take special care of yourself. And if you found the guided breathing meditation useful, please share with your friends and family because it will help them be calm and happy. Thank you

Closing Prayer

May your day be blessed with grace, love and light.
May you tread gently on our Mother the Earth and
May love’s light bless and guide you always.


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It will help you feel more energised and be more focused at work.

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