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Best Friends Forever, Friendship Poem

Welcome dear friends and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I appreciate and value your love and support. Today’s post, Best Friends Forever, Friendship Poem is dedicated to my dear friend Ombassa and also to all my girl-friends who are by my side, holding my space and being there for me as I stretch, breathe and grow.

As part of my effort to step outside my comfort zones and connect with you via other mediums, here is a video I recorded of me reading this Friendship Poem, Best Friends Forever.

I am still gaining confidence in speaking on video, however, I hope you enjoy the poem and share it with your girl-friends to show them know how much you appreciate their love and support.

You can also watch this video over on my YouTube Channel And you can print out and read the poem at the end of this blog.

What Is A Best Friend Forever aka Sistah-Friend?

Through circumstances of life, I didn’t grow up with my sister, Sherma, who lives in another country. However, I am blessed to attract women into my life who are like sisters to me, whom I call my sistah-friends. Women who I share a sacred bond and although we may not physically see each other other often, we are tight and there for each other when needed and, when we meet it’s like time hasn’t stopped still and we just pick up the conversation from where we left it.

My Other Best Friends

Like most of you, I rely on my girl-friends to help me keep up with my life.

When my twins Maleka and Jameela were born, I could not have managed without the help and support of my then neighbour Anna. Every morning, once my now ex-husband left for work, Anna would pop over, with her young daughter and helped me get all three ready and kept an eye on them whilst I got myself dressed and tried to keep up with the domestics and general run of the mill routine of being a new mum. (Hasina, my eldest was only 2 when her baby twin sisters were born, so you can image how weary and worn out I was!) I didn’t have time to rest and journal in those days and am thankful for the space to do that nowadays.

In fact, my Amazon Kindle ebook, Healing After Loss, 28 Devotional Poems For Healing And Peace is dedicated to all my dear sistah-friends who supported me when my cousin Sherry and brother John passed away.

Other best friends, like Sonia, I have known nearly all of my life. Sonia and I first met aged 11, nervous and shy on our first day at secondary school. We did athletics together, hung out at weekends, we were both Probation Officers and now, in our 50s, busy entrepreneurs growing our own small businesses. How cool is that.

Ombassa, literally appeared into my life out of the blue. She lives in the States and at the time came to UK to facilitate a workshop. May sound strange to you, yet I believe Ombassa was sent by the angles in response to my cry for strength and healing during the darkest days of my grief. I am eternally grateful for Ombassa’s kind and loving ways. She had a cosy house right by the sea, and when life got too much for me and I needed space to breathe, I would bundle the girls into my car and we would go and spend a few hours chilling with Ombasa. Exhale and bliss…

So, Ombassa, “Best Friends Forever” is dedicated to you and my dear girl-friends for always being there and for all the selfless work you do for humanity.

Best Friends Forever, Friendship Poem Dedicated To Ombassa And All My Girl-Friends

c. Ntathu Allen 2014

In you I’ve found a sistah
A friend so pure and true
A fellow-traveller, soul companion, life-long guide too.

In you I see all that I Am
In you I see my destiny
So come with me, my sistah-friend
Let us travel side by side
Let us share our sorrows, joys and cares as we cast our energies to the air

Let us mingle with the wind
And embrace our mother the Earth
For we are one, my Sistah-Friends and together we shall be
In peace and harmony.

Closing Reflections

What did you think of Best Friends Forever. Do you know someone who could send that to as a gift?

As you know writing poems and prayers is a key part of my self-healing journey and sharing them with you is part of the way I aspire to support and encourage you when you’re low and going through hard times.

Please keep an eye out for more morning prayers and inspirations here and over on my YouTube Channel, which you can subscribe to and receive instant notification when I upload my next video.

And if you enjoyed this post and have a friend in mind that has helped and inspired you, please share this poem with her. Thank you

Closing Prayer

And till our next vlog, take special care of yourself and may your heart be filled with the generous gift of love and may you and everyone dear to your heart be blessed with the gift of loving friends.

Stay well and be happy


PS. Remember to read my Amazon Kindle ebook Healing After Loss, 28 Devotional Poems For Healing And Peace and gift a copy to a friend who is grieving the loss of loved ones. Its the perfect way to offer her comfort and share your love. You can buy and instantly read your copy by clicking this link.

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