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Do You Believe in Fairies? Yoga Poem of the Week

Author and Founder of Yoga Inspires Ntathu Allen shares her Yoga Poem of the Week – Do You Believe in Fairies?

Yoga Poem

Bless you Gentle Reader and welcome to another Yoga Poem of the Week “Do You Believe In Fairies?” which I’d like to share with you. I wrote “Do You Believe In Fairies?” this morning after my daily meditation practice.

I entered meditation, fearful and anxious about my current financial situation and stuck on the thought “How am I ever going to sort myself out?”

As I sat with these feelings, I felt my fears lessened and lightness and a sense of “all is well” flow through my body and in that instance, I knew all my fears, as usual where

unfounded.  Writing and sharing my inner heart song is all part of the divine unfolding and guiding me to  open up to allow more love, peace and  prosperity into my daily life.

In that vein, I hope you enjoy today’s Yoga Poem of the Week

Do You Believe In Fairies? by Ntathu Allen

Do YOU believe in fairies?
in miracles, in love, in fairies nestling in the bottom of your garden,
in the tooth fairy silently slipping her golden coin under your pillow at night?

Do you believe in fairies?
I do and… I believe in you

In the dreams embraced in your heart
In the pot of gold nestling under the trolls bridge and
Maha Lakshmi blessing you from above.

I believe in your untold dreams
Musings etched in your soul
Golden nuggets shimmering through your wide-opened eyes and
cascading from within

I believe in magic, in King Arthur , Robin Hood and his Merry Men
And the Knights of the Round Table who took their vows and served till the very end.
In fairy godmothers, in genies of the lamp flying through the midnight air; in frogs turning into princes and restoring order through the storm.

Most of all, I believe in you
in your ability to be true and turn your life around
in the way that heaven has ordained just for you.

Yes, I believe in fairies and magic dust sprinkling from above and angel wings carrying songs of peace and love in war-stricken lands, in peace-makers giving their all, bearing the brunt of the tortuous gun, falling like flies yet standing strong in spirit and might

Yes, I believe in fairies, that good always shine through and truth and justice for all will be had, not in the gun or sword but in the whisper of the breath as we sit, head bowed in sacred silence in reverence to the God and Goddess inside.

Yes I believe in fairies
In miracles and in the power of love to transcend all fears as we aspire to surrender, to love and be the best we came to be.

© Ntathu, 2013

Closing Words

And that dear friend is what I wrote, this morning as I released yet another layer of fear and doubt embedded in my soul.

As you know, writing from the heart is “my thing”, the gift I was born with; and in honouring my gift, in sharing what I know I pray you have a restful and peaceful weekend.

Peace and hugs

Ntathu Allen


Yay!! Mega hugs and thanks.

Image: Graur Codrin

PS. If you are mourning the loss of a loved one, struggling to understand why your loved one has died or a caring friend wanting to find a way to support your grieving colleague Returning Home to the Healing Waters of my Soul – A Collection of Grief and Loss Poems offers you words of comfort a sanctuary, a quiet place to go when you feel lost, alone and afraid of living.

Special Request

And finally, as a special request, I’d like you to SHARE today’s Yoga Poem with your friends because that inspires me and gives me the confidence to breath, release and be more of who I am.



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