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4 Life Lessons I Learnt From My 30-Days YouTube Video Challenge

Bless you dear friends, big hugs and smiles and how are you today? I hope everything is going well for you and pray today’s post 4 Life Lessons I Learnt From My 30-Days YouTube Video Challenge reaches you in vibrant health. The sun is beaming here in London and that always cheers and lifts my heart. Today’s post is a brief reflection on how I felt I got on whilst doing my recent personal 30-Days Video Challenge, the video below gives you a bit more insight into how I felt I got on.

Why Did I Do The 30-Days YouTube Video Challenge?

My goal was to record a video every day in March 2014, I missed a couple of days but overall I am really pleased I managed to stick with the venture and record and upload a “raw and unedited” video most days.

Over the last few months I’ve received emails from several readers enquiring whether I would create yoga/meditation videos or if I could recommend some good meditation and/or yoga videos as you are keen to practice at home.

Writing Has Always Been My Preferred Mode Of Communication, yet I recognise the value of watching yoga videos and listening to audio meditations because it is something I also like to watch, listen and learn from.

So, in the spirit of “stepping up and solving your yoga and meditation challenges” and encouragement from a dear friend, I decided to look into the whole YouTube video arena and see how I can overcome my fear of being on camera and suss out the basics of recording and uploading my videos onto YouTube; with the intention that ‘once I know what I’m doing and feel more confident, somewhere along the line I’ll create my own series of yoga and meditation videos for you to enjoy’.

How Did I Get On With The 30-Days Video Challenge?

Must say, once I made my mind up to do this challenge, I was totally surprised at the ease of recording the videos on my mobile phone (Samsung S4) and it is literally one “share” click from my phone and within minutes the video is uploaded on YouTube.

Here Are 4 Of The Life Lessons I Learnt From This Process


Life Lesson #1: Mum Is Always Right

As a child growing up, my mum always said “if you put your mind to it, you can do anything you want.”

Like you, I know that but somehow in the process of growing up and making choices I don’t apply that knowledge to myself and sometimes give up half way when setting out to keep a resolve. However, on this occasion as mum says “I put my mind to it”, overcame my resistance and technophobia fears to “expose myself” (as I saw it) and recorded my first video.

It was painless.

I didn’t die, the world didn’t come to an end and I even had a few people watch and like the video! You can watch my first ever YouTube Video here, where I explain how I started this video journey.

Take Away Life Lesson Tip #1 Don’t Let Fear Get In Your Way

You can do more than you think you can do. Don’t let your fears lead you away from following your dreams and doing what you want.

Life Lesson #2: I’m Good Enough As I Am

Part of my fear of being on camera is I was scared of how I sounded and looked. I thought I had to look a certain way and sound a particular way. I wasn’t quite sure what “I was supposed to look and sound like” but whatever image I conjured in my head, I felt I didn’t come up to that standard because all the videos I watch on YouTube the presenters are confident, know what they are doing and generally look like ‘professionals’.

I just kept thinking I wasn’t up to scratch. And whenever I look back at the videos, all I kept thinking they are very raw, the lighting isn’t correct, I stutter and most of the time the camera is shaky and the videos aren’t optimised.

But you know what; I’m now OK with that.

I completed what I set out to do, which was to overcome my fear of being on camera and, learn the basics of video recording. And having done it, I can build on from here, learn what I didn’t know I didn’t know and move forward.

Take Away Life Lesson Tip #2: All Journeys Start With The First Step

…and then the next. I am sure Kieran James and other great Olympians weren’t born sprinting over the finish line. Like you and me, they had to take that first step.

Life Lesson #3: Have Faith In Myself

Like most people I underestimate myself and sometimes think I am not good enough to do xyz and hide and run away. That limiting belief serves no one and as a mother with three daughters I am aware my daughters learn from my example. So over the years I have had to inch out of my fears and insecurities and be the best role model I can for my girls. I’m sure if you have children you too recognise that children learn by what they see us do rather than what we say. And as my daughters, Maleka and Jameela regularly post their own music videos on YouTube they have been an excellent support and very patient answering my questions.

Take Away Life Lesson #3 Affirm Your Greatness

Every morning as part of my daily spiritual practice I say my daily affirmations to give me courage to face my fears and affirm I am Good Enough and I Can Do It. Here is an example of other Affirmations you can use to help you overcome your resistance to challenges you may be going through.

Life Lesson #4: Have Fun and Don’t Take Myself So Seriously

I had great fun doing these recordings. I went more often to my local park and my daughters enjoyed seeing me on YouTube and doing the videos with me. The video with my daughter Jameela always cracks us up. I spent the day visiting Jameela and whilst there decided to record Day 19 and whilst recording she says “hi mum I’m on the telly”. The way JJ says it, always makes us laugh. Bless her. Certain moments are priceless. Sharon, my dear friend overcame her fear and appeared on another video with me.

It’s been great fun and I’ve enjoyed being a witness to my own journey and observe how I respond on a daily basis to this challenge. Some days I literally had to tell myself “get up and do it” and others I would wake up bursting to get out my camera and share my news with you.

Plus, in sharing my journey, other dear friends have been inspired to start their own Video Journeys. Here’s what my friend Sonia Harris is doing.

Take Away Life Lesson Tip #4: Life Is For Living And Enjoying…Warts And All

Yep, definitely, in facing my fears and resistance I learnt that video recording is fun, I wanna do more. Because it feels natural speaking directly to you and it offers us another medium to connect and share the magic and sparkle of yoga. I am really looking forward to doing more meditation and yoga videos. YAY!!!

Final Thoughts

To wrap up my first video venture, I’d like to remind you of my take away life lessons gleaned from this 30-Days Video Challenge which are:

Don’t let fear get in your way
Take the first step
I am/you are good enough and have fun and enjoy the journey.

Can you add anything else to this list?

Finally, I welcome your feedback. How did you feel about receiving my recent video blogs? What did you like or dislike about them? I would like to do more video blogs and would like to hear what your views because it will help me make videos more relevant to what you want. Drop me email at and let me know your thoughts. Thank you

In the meantime, till my next blog post, keep shining, keep stretching and keep believing in yourself.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for being part of my healing journey.

Take special care

PS. Be sure to check out my Yoga For Beginners Book For Busy Women on Amazon about how yoga helps you relieve stress and find inner peace and calm at home and at work

The illustrated poses and guided meditations will help you to find more simple ways yoga helps you to relax, reduce stress and get more Me-Time.

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