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3 Simple Self-Love Practices You Can Use Today To Keep Calm And Love Yourself More

In this blog post Author and Founder of Yoga Inspires Ntathu Allen shares 3 Simple Self-Love Practices You Can Use To Keep Calm And Love Yourself More. 

Self Love

Self-Love Practices

Bless you Dear Friends and welcome to today’s post , where we continue our series of self-love articles and I offer you 3 Simple Self-Love Practices You Can Use Today To Keep Calm And Love Yourself More: These three self-love practices are reading spiritual quotes, inspirations and affirmations,  prayer and meditation.   This post is quite long so you may prefer to bookmark it and read when you have a lull in your schedule. As usual, we’ll start off with a little preamble and sharing of hearts and then settle into a quiet space to prepare for the practices.

Shifting The Balance 

From  ’do more and squeeze more into your day’ to ‘do less and be more self-loving’

If you are a regular reader of our posts, you’ll know my current theme, Surrender to Love, looks at easy ways to explore and practice becoming more self-loving as you put your needs for stress-relief, inner peace and calm higher on your agenda.

As super-busy working women, you recognise and appreciate the value of more-me-time and self-love yet putting that into practice can be daunting, especially if you have  spent years, like most super-busy women, putting your family’s wants, needs and desires and work commitments in front of your own wishes.

And, there is nothing wrong with that.

In fact, your desire to provide a safe, loving and secure home for your family is part of your reason to constantly strive to “do more and squeeze more into your day”. All I’m saying is, there comes a time, when you have to put the brakes on, look in the mirror and say “what about me, what do I want?” and turn the light of love onto yourself and start to pay more attention to your own health and wellness needs.

In many ways, the more you practice self-care and take Me-Time just as seriously as the amount of energy you invest in your job or business, the easier it becomes to see life through the eyes of self-love and, the easier it becomes to tend to your wellness needs without feeling guilty and “selfish” for putting yourself first.

3 Self-Love Practices You Can Use Today

Self-Love Daily Practice #1 – Read Self-Love Quotes, Affirmations and Inspirations

“I am the apple of my eye, the spark of inspiration I follow” – Ntathu

At the end of the day, all spiritual teachings and philosophies emphasis the importance of  self-love and acceptance. One of the happy souls I follow on Twitter is  Dr Melanie Greenburgh (@drmelanieg). I really appreciate her blend of self-love and stress-relief from a psychology and biology perspective (If you are interested in finding out more about Dr Greenburgh’s work, here is one of her posts about our theme of self-love and acceptance > )

And, over here, on my blog, I have a post where I share 70 Daily Affirmations you can use to raise your feelings of peace and prosperity

Self-Love Take-Away TIP #1   

Read 3 Self-Love Affirmations When You Wake-Up

Create your own affirmations or choose 3 of the self-love quotes from Dr Greenburgh’s post or from my selection of peace and prosperity affirmations, write them out and every morning, when you wake up and before you get out of bed, quietly whisper them to yourself or say them out loud. As an extra treat to yourself, you can slip your affirmations into your handbag or type them out on your phone and during the day, especially when you are feeling stressed, read them to yourself. You’ll instantly tune into that more loving side of your being.

Self-Love Daily Practice #2  Pray And Express Gratitude For Your Health and Wellbeing

If you are not religious, the idea of prayer may disturb you. I recognise that as I went through a phase of questioning “God and all that religious stuff” when my brother and cousin passed away which over the years led me to a more spiritual and soulful connection with life, which I share in my e-book Returning Home. However, a few minutes spent in quiet contemplation, is prayer and the process of prayer can be used as a way to give thanks and acknowledge that no matter how bad things are, there is always hope.

Self-Love Take-Away TIP #2 

Say A Gratitude Prayer

If you are comfortable with praying, here is a Gratitude Prayer I wrote which I’m happy to share with you. Again, if you journal, write out the prayer, or choose one of the other Yoga Prayers I have written and whilst waiting for the kettle to boil to make your morning cup of tea, take a moment and say the prayer below.

Dear Divine Mother

Thank you for the love which flows freely through my heart,

for the love and devotion I now give to myself;

for the unfolding of boundless energy and reservoirs of peace.

Thank  you Mother Earth for the endless streams of life

which now effortless flow through my soul enriching  my life and filling me up till I overflow;

for the sense of peace and calmness of spirit.

I am strictly in awe and pray for life to flow forever more.

Thank you Divine Spirit for giving me another chance to be more and love myself more.

Self-Love Daily Practice #3  Meditate

If you practice meditation, you’ll know it is one of best gifts you give to yourself. There are lots of meditations out there and in the course of your personal self-love journey you will come across different techniques and experiences.  For example, my meditation journey led me to train as a yoga teacher and embrace mantra meditation as part of my spiritual enlightenment, which you can read more about in this post Mantra Meditation – Introduction To Shri Lakshmi Deity Meditation

As a beginner, it is always easier to practice and learn meditation from an experienced teacher. One of my early meditation teachers Swami Saradananda offers you a plethora of editation guides and courses over on her site.

Self-Love Take-Away Tip #3

Guided Keep Calm and Love Yourself More Meditation

After you have said your 3 daily affirmations, made your cup of morning tea and said your daily Gratitude Prayer, find a quiet space. Put your phone on a timer for 3 minutes make yourself comfortable, take a few steady breaths in and out through your nose, lower your shoulders and read the following passage below out loud to yourself. After you have read it,  sit in silence and when your timer goes off, spend a few more moments sitting still before re-engaging with your day.

Keep Calm And Love Yourself More – Guided Meditation

I breathe in peace, I breathe out love

I breathe in light, I breathe out joy

I breathe in forgiveness, I let go pain and sorrow

I breathe in love and happiness, I let go of sadness

I breathe in life and dance in tune to the rhythms of my heart


Closing Thoughts And Notes

Although simple, I pray you make time to practise these gentle self-love practices: affirmations, prayer and Keep Calm guided meditation as steps in your journey to put yourself first and nurture and soothe your soul. If you are new to this way of caring for yourself, you may feel strange doing these practices and even experience uncomfortable feelings inside,  that’s all good and all part of your unfolding spiritual wellness journey. Remember I’m here for you, just drop me an email or send me a tweet (@yogainspiresyou) and together we’ll sail the seas of self-love and inner peace.


May your heart be light as you heal, release and let-go

In peace

Self Love


Image(s) – - samarttiw

P.S. If you would like to practice more self-care techniques and wellness tips, my popular e-book: A Woman’s Book of Yoga, A Guide To Relax And Nourish Your Body And Soul, offers you a variety of easy yoga and inner peace practices you can safely do at home to boost your energy and calm your mind. You can buy your copy here on my website>

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