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My Bedtime Routine – Week 1 Update

Bless and hugs dear friends and welcome to today’s video blog where I look at “my bedtime routine” and share how I’m getting on with my 2016 Goal of “Getting More Sleep” by being in bed between 10.00pm to 11.00pm.

What time do you get to bed?

Do you have a set time to go to bed? Follow a particular “evening bedtime ritual?”

Watch the video and find out how I got on this week with “being in bed between 1000pm to 11.00pm.”

You Can Also Watch This Video Over On My Youtube Channel

As you can see from the video, week 1 wasn’t very successful.

In looking through my journal, Read more…?

My Evening Routine & 2016 Bedtime Goal

Hugs and blessings gentle friends and welcome to today’s vlog, My Evening Routine & 2016 Bedtime Goal, where I share my desire and determination to change my current evening routine to achieve my 2016 Bedtime Goal.

As you know, I have a regular daily morning routine, which helps to align and energise my mind, body and soul.

However, when it comes to getting to bed, that is another story.

In the video below I share my desire and reason for sorting this out and desire to be in bed before 11.00pm.

Have a listen and please let me know your thoughts.

You can also watch the video over on my Youtube Channel

Things To Think About…

As I ponder how I am going to change my current late night habits, the following thoughts cross my mind… Read more…?

Sharing My 2016 Goals And Dreams

Hugs and blessings Gentle Readers and how are you today?

Can you imagine we are already into the second week of 2016.

Where has the time flown?

Today’s blog is just a short message to check-in and see how you are and, to share some of my thoughts about my “2016 Goals and Dreams”, flowing through my heart.

How is 2016 opening up for you? How you feeling about allow more of what you want and desire into your life?

Like most people, I am hoping to make subtle changes in the way I live my life.

Like you, I am on a journey and with the turning of the New Year had a look at myself and know I’m not giving and performing at my best.

I know there is a lot more I can do to share, touch more hearts and Read more…?

Motivational Message For Women – Morning Ritual Challenge Day 9

Bless you Gentle Reader and how are you today?

Like you I am proud to be a woman, however, like most of you, learning to accept and embrace my feminine power and strength has been a journey.

In today’s video, I share with you a short video about how I am learning to embrace and enjoy all aspects of my being as part of my morning ritual. I am currently participating in a 30 Day Morning Ritual Challenge and loving the group support, structure and benefits of consistently sticking with a morning routine.

Watch the video and I’d love to know your thoughts and feelings about being a woman.

You can also watch this video over on my Youtube Channel, just click here.

Final Thoughts

And if are interested in finding out more about the 30 Day Morning Ritual Challenge I am currently on, please check out this link for further details. Thank you.

Keep shining and having a beautiful day.


Greatest Lessons In Life I Learnt Over The Summer

Bless you dear friends and how are you and your loved ones ?

Today’s post is to give you a quick update about the greatest lessons in life I learnt over the summer.

Basically, life hit me a curve ball and once again, I realised how vulnerable I am, how precious life is and how important it is for me to listen to my body.

For the longest while I have been ignoring a gnawing back pain. I have “too much to do” and just disregard the stiffness and pain in my lower back.

This denial ended on Sunday 20 September 2015.

I woke and couldn’t move. My back had had enough and screamed out STOP.  Read more…?

Daily Prayer to Reduce Stress

Blessings and hugs dear friends, and how are you today?

Each and every day, I allow my soul space to breathe and nourish the goddess within.

Over here, I am in an “interesting phrase.”

Over the weekend, after weeks of ignoring this “niggly pain in my lower back”, my back finally decided “enough is enough.”  I woke up on Monday, with a gasp and, with a slow, disbelieving head shake realised I couldn’t move my back.

Yep. My back felt like it was on fire. Every time I tried to move to find a source of relief, I let out a slight moan.

So there I was, Monday morning, 5.30am lying in bed, pondering how do I get up and go to work…

Read more…?

Hurricane Ivan – A Prayer for Calm from the Storm

Waking up this morning I had a rush of energy.

I said my prayers and instead of doing my normal morning routine, I strode over to my bookcase and glanced at the pile of papers and books hanging precariously by their spine on the shelves.

As I sorted the wheat from the shaft, I came across a selection of poems, prayers and blessings I wrote many moons ago.

So many of them, sitting there waiting to be read and serve their purpose.

Sooo, I thought, instead of cluttering up my bookshelf, why not copy them out and publish them on my blog? One a week, and allow the magic to unfold!

So, over the next few weeks, every week, around Wednesday, I’ll publish a spiritual poem or prayer from the archives of papers in my bookcase, to inspire, heal and nurture your soul :-)

And here is this week’s offering, a prayer for calm and harmony in our world.

I was moved to write this poem, following the destruction caused to Grenada, the island where my parent’s hailed from, by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

Hurricane Ivan, is recorded as the 10th most intense Atlantic hurricane ever recorded.

And as news of the hurricane became public, like most people with friends and family living in the wake of Hurricane Ivan, I watched the unfolding destruction with a trembling chin and lips.

Time stood still. I remember the fear and anxiety in mum’s voice when she finally managed to get through and let us know they were ok.

Times like this, when Mother Earth reminds us of her power, it is easy to feel dis-empowered and stuck. My remedy is to write. To pick up my pen, tune in and write. And here is the prayer I wrote whilst taking deep breaths in an effort to calm myself.

Hurricane Ivan – A Prayer for Calm from the Storms

Oh, Great Spirit,

Cover the Earth and all who dwell within;

May all souls see the power of your grace to give life, to restore and destroy.

May all souls feel the depth of your love and knowledge of the cycles of life.

Let those who are able to give their time, love, energy in re-creating an honourable society, where truth, justice and trust reign supreme turning this tragedy into a victorious purging of past wrongs and injustices, inflicted on self and by others.

Let us remember the birds, the bees, adversely effected by the roaring winds of change, let us pray for calm to the seas as the fragmented waves seek union with the shores.

As Oya rises and Kali wipes away, so may Sri Rama and Maha Vishnu restore peace and prosperity to our beautiful land and souls residing there.

May all beings reading this prayer feel the peace and calm nestling within the eye of the storm.

Thank you.


Closing Words

Well, Hurricane Ivan, Prayer for Calm from the Storms, kicks off this mini-series of Wednesday Words, a prayer, poem or blessing from the bundle of papers I found this morning whilst decluttering my bookcase! offered to inspire, nurture and heal your soul.

I’d love to know what you think of this idea of publishing a weekly inspirational prayer or healing poem.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Till next week, take special care and be gentle.



PS. If you are into inspirational quotes, then follow me over on Instagram where I share daily motivational quotes and affirmations.



How To Love Yourself First – The Power of Self-Care

What do you do to “love yourself first?”

How do you know when you are “loving yourself?”

And, how often do you show love to yourself?

Is self-love something you buy? Something you are born with or a gadget or app you can buy and download via Google play store?

I believe, self-love is core to your existence. The more you learn to take responsibility for your personal care and well-being, the easier it becomes to nurture yourself and therefore others.

I don’t have all the answers, but invite you to watch the video below where I share a few words about the power of self-love, loving yourself first and taking time to nurture your soul.


Love Yourself First

So, as you can see, taking time, every day to do something you enjoy, which nurtures your soul, is the perfect way to enjoy loving yourself more!

Closing Words

And if you thought the video was useful and have a friend who is going through a tough time “loving herself”, please forward this video to her and make her day.

And as usual, what tips and inspirations do you have to share with our readers, which you use to boost and strengthen your “self-love” muscle.

Feel free to share your suggestions in the comment box below

Thank you.

All the love


PS: If you are interested in finding more self-care, well-being and yoga tips to nurture yourself, check out my popular ebook The Busy Woman’s Guide To Easy Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress At Work And Find peace And Quiet At Home. You can buy your The Busy Woman’s Guide To Easy Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress At Work and Find Peace & Quiet At Home and  discover more self-care yoga poses today!


Write A Love Letter To Yourself And Say Everything You Love About Yourself

When was the last time you wrote a love letter?

You know, a love letter to your sweet heart, the person who make your heart sing and eyes sparkle when they walk into the room.

Write A Love Letter To Yourself

Write A Love Letter To Yourself

And, if you received a love letter, how did it make you feel?

Did your insides glow and flutter and the waves of light fill your soul?

Now, imagine, writing a love letter to yourself and say everything you love about yourself.

If you have already written one…congratulations, you are definitely top of the Self-Love Class!

However, if you are like me, and haven’t written a love letter to yourself, read on and discover how I wrote my first selfie-love letter!

As you already know, I love writing and enjoy sending poems to friends, yet it never occurred to me to write a love letter to myself. I don’t know why, it just never occurred to me.

However, whilst filling out my daily entry in The Five Minute Journal, the weekly challenge, was to write a love letter to yourself and say everything you love about yourself.

I must admit, that particular challenge took me by surprise and I chose to ignore the Weekly Challenge and carry on with filling in the rest of my daily challenge.

However, you know what it’s like, the things we ignore are the exact thing we need to address.

What was I ignoring? Why was I so resistant to writing a love letter to myself?

Meditation to the Rescue

As per usual, anytime I feel anxious and not sure what to do, I breathe and turn to my daily meditation practice for counsel.

So, I sat and meditated.

After my practice, I took up my pen wrote the title “write a love letter to yourself and say everything you love about yourself”… and here is what I wrote.

Write A Love Letter To Yourself And Say Everything You Love About Yourself

Dear Ntathu

I love the way you express yourself, the way you care about others and desire to always step out of your way to help others.

I love your smile, the way your eyes crinkle up when you laugh and the way you rock backwards and forwards and clap your hands when something makes you laugh.

I love you more than you will ever know.

Your gentle way of being in the world, creating, spreading warmth and light wherever you go; like a roaring fire on a cold winter’s night.

I love your determination to shed layers of past hurt to rise above the forest and find a tree to hug; the way you inch forward, peak around the bushes and take a friend along their next step.

I love the way you walk, head held high, eyes on the prize and feet gently caressing the Earth.

I love you more and more each day and want to wake up with you by my side; to share our last meal together before you leave this world and keep you safe and warm.

I love you.

Thank you for caring about me and giving me your best.

I love you.

Well, what are you thoughts about my love letter to myself?

I have read it a couple of times and each time I feel proud to love me and hope it inspires you to write a love letter to yourself.

What Next?

Now that I’ve taken the first step and shared my love letter to myself with you, will you do the same?

Will, you sit quietly one day and write yourself a love letter. Serenade and romance your soul and tell yourself how loving and great you are? I really hope you do.
And when you have done that, I’d love you to send me a copy of your love letter. Who knows, if we get enough love letters I could compile them into a book as part of my kindle publishing empire!

Till, next time, have a beautiful loving day.

I love you


PS. And if you enjoy reading Love Poems, check out my Kindle Book, Love Your Life – 26 Poems That Nurture Your Soul Through Hard Times. You can get your copy of Love Your Life, when you click Love Your Life Book of Poems

Walking Meditation Instructions- How To Be Calm, Walk And Meditate For Instant Relaxation

When you think about meditation, what comes to mind?

Do you have images of someone sitting peacefully in a calm environment, blissfully meditating?

Or maybe you think of the Budhha, the Dalai Lama or other spiritual teachers sitting serenely in a sacred meditation space.

If you have never meditated or are new to meditation, maybe the idea of meditation still feels a bit difficult and unfamiliar to you. That it is time consuming and something only “other people” do.

Or, do you think that it is even if that was doable and practical; you couldn’t do it, especially as your daily schedule is already packed and you have no time to squeeze in a meditation practice!?

Well, whatever your views, rest assured, even if you have the most demanding schedule and have never meditated before; it is possible, if you wish, to meditate in the middle of your lunch hour, at home or at work!
Read more…?

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