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Ten Positive Affirmations To Help You Have An Awesome Day!

One of the best ways to have an awesome day is to wake up in a happy mood.

As you well know, waking up in a happy mood, sets the tone for the rest of your day.

I’m sure like most busy women, you have so much to do, waking up in a good positive mood helps you get more done during your day.

10 Positive Affirmations

Having A Happy Day

However, I’m certain you have had days when you woke up feeling tired, low on energy and struggle to get out of bed and out the house on time.

I know I have!

When you have a “bad start” to your day, have you noticed that everything you do seems to take longer and requires more energy? It’s like you are holding a string and it drags you through the day and you struggle to get back on your feet.

Would you agree the more you can do to help yourself stay in good mood, life looks easier and you have more energy to get things done?

Waking up and starting your day in a positive frame of mind helps you to plan and prepare what you have to do in a calm and focused way

So, following along with our theme to help you have a peaceful and positive start to your day, I’d like to share with you, Ten Positive Affirmations you can say to yourself when you wake up. Read more…?

Morning Prayer for the Absolutely Best Start to Your Day

Bless you gentle reader, how are you today? I pray today’s post “Morning Prayer For The Absolutely Best Start To Your Day” finds you well and in radiant health. Thank you for your continued love, strength and support as we travel through this circle of life together.

“Every day and in every way I grow richer, stronger, and clearer in divine insight and love.” ~ Self-Love Affirmation.

I often receive emails from potential clients and messages from friends asking me for tips on how to wake up early and meditate. Like you, they want to wake up feeling refreshed, energised and alive, yet, all too often, the day starts off with a head full of to-do lists, stress in your body and anxieties and concerns about the day ahead.

Most people recognise the value and importance of meditation, prayer and having a daily powerful morning routine yet putting that into practice, making time for that space, seems near impossible.

Soooo, to help you with your desire for a more positive and peaceful start to your day, I am going to Read more…?

Prayer For Peace In The World

Bless you, dear friends, I pray you are well and in vibrant health. Thanks for visiting Yoga Inspires and reading today’s post, A Prayer For Peace In The World.

We are all born with gifts to offer, gifts to help ourselves, our families’, our communities. Let us use our skills, gifts talents and abilities for world unity, peace and prosperity. – Ntathu Allen

I was doing a spot of de-cluttering over the weekend and came across a prayer I wrote,A Prayer For Peace In The World. I remember writing it, after the sense of devastation, horror and shock I felt following the events surrounding 9/11. Although 9/11 occurred in 2001, the aftermath of this war and other wars continue to effect lives today.

How Does “War” Make You Feel?

I often feel frail and wither at the complexities of human emotions and the lengths  we will go to inflict pain upon each other in the name of religion, freedom of speech and justice. Why we can’t all live in peace and harmony is beyond me!

As Ghandi says, “be the change you wish to see in the world” and as writing is my thing, in the spirit of peace and reconciliation, I’d like to share Prayer for Peace In The World again today with you.

Maybe between us, as we pray, we can lift the hearts and minds of those actively engaged in wars and offer a helping hand, ray of hope to all families torn apart by war. Read more…?

12 Easy Ways To A Healthier You In 2015

Blessings Gentle Reader and thanks for visiting my site. If you are new, remember to subscribe to my free 7-Day Yoga For Self-Care eCourse for a Healthier You!

Eat more greens...

Isn’t it wonderful. I’m still excited and glad 2015 is well and truly here. Even though we are over half-way through January, for me, it feels like the first day of spring and there is a sense of buoyancy and expectation in the air. Like a feeling that “Ok, bring it on…?”…no one knows what is around the corner. Some say you create your own destiny through your past and present actions, others believe life is already pre-ordained and no matter what you do you can’t escape your destiny. Whatever you believe, as usual I say look after yourself, breathe, enjoy the journey, find the blessings in the madness, the stillness in the chaos.

And as this is the start of a New Year and so many of you are IN and ready to make 2015 a happy and healthy year, I’d like to share with you, 12 easy ways to a Healthier You In 2015.

12 Easy Ways To A Healthier You In 2015

Healthier You Tip #1

Eat more spinach and other dark green vegetables such as kale and pok choy to boost your calcium and strengthens bones, spinach is also bursting with other vital nutrients and vitamin which does wonders for your health. Think of Popeye and you will know what I mean. Read more…?

Happy New Year! My 2015 Dream

Hugs, smiles and blessings dear friends. YES!!! 2015 is officially here. Today’s blog is a short video message to wish you and your family and dear friends a Happy New Year, and to also share with you, a little bit of my dream for 2015.

You can watch Happy New Year! My 2015 Dream below, or over on my Youtube Channel by clicking here.

My 2015 Dream

I am staying open this year. I pray to shine more, to give more, to surrender more, to receive more, to be a divine light, to share more and most importantly, to breathe more.

What About You…What Are You Dreaming Of?

Dear Friends, What dream or message is nestling within your heart bursting to shine through? What is it you long to do, to see? What project is laying dormant within, waiting for permission for you to breathe life into it?

Come and join me in this glorious “make-it-up-as-we-go” year of sunshine and double rainbows. You can do it. Share your dreams and together we are going to be super bold, super beautiful and super super super blessed!

And if you feel yoga and meditation can help you achieve your dream, stay tuned to my blog and together, you and me and the angels, will make magic.

Are you IN? Email me, or drop a resounding “YES, I’m IN. I am in for 2015!” in the comment box below. YAY!!!

Stay forever blessed.

One Love and thank you


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My Top Three Self-Care Tips For 2014

Dear Friends, peaceful blessings to you and your family. I pray this article, My Top Three Self-Care Tips For 2014, meets you in good health.

Self-Care Habits For 2014

Self-Care Habits For 2014

With the cloak of 2014 wrapping itself around my shoulders, I feel drawn to sit down, and review some of the self care rituals and habits I’ve followed over the past year to nourish and replenish my core. I am sharing my top three self-care tips for 2014, as a way to let you know what’s working for me and, hopefully, if you are interested, to help you nurture and sustain your intentions to reduce stress, and have more love, fun and happiness in 2015.

Why Share Now?

Last week I returned home from an unexpected 11-day visit to Grenada to attend my dear aunty’s funeral. Aunty was 92. Read more…?

God Is Real, aka It’s Great To Be Back Blogging!

Bless you dear souls, isn’t life just grand!

I’m soooo glad to be back blogging, sharing insights and ways yoga, prayer, meditation and breathing exercises can enhance, elevate and energise your life.

Gosh, how are you and how was your summer? It is now September, and over here in London, the darker nights creeping in. The perfect time for you to be still, go within and find out how you want to live your life, breathe and be in this world. Those are the questions I have been asking myself over the past few weeks and this morning, the answer came, crystal clear “in the presence of the Lord.”

Please, take a few minutes now, to slip on your headphone, click play, close your eyes and soak up the vibes of the video below “God Is Real” by Krishna Das. Tears flowed as I sat and listened to this mantra and helped unlock the key to me being here today sharing the vibe with you. I pray you receive the light you need in your journey.

And Here’s How My Journey Unfolded

Many moons ago, my dear yoga teacher and Spiritual Guide, Shola Arewa, introduced me to Krishna Das and, over the years, his music and chants have found a place in my heart. This morning I sat, prayed and something stirred within and my inner voice whispered “its time for you to come out, shine your light, and just get on with it.” Whatever it is, will unfold as I ‘get on with it’. Does that make sense? Read more…?

Taking A Break From Blogging…

Bless you dear friends and welcome to today’s video blog “Taking A Break From Blogging.” I feel quite emotional writing this post and taking this break and hope the accompanying video captures the essence of my thoughts.

You can also view this video over here on my YouTube Channel.

Blogging and being active on social media is a huge part of what I do, so to consciously decide to take a break feels alien and slightly surreal. However, I know, in taking my foot off the pedal and giving myself space to pause, breathe, reflect and plan anew I’ll come back stronger, clearer of my path and more vibrant. So, please bear with me, whilst I clear my head and get the clarity I seek.

I love writing, yet for now am finding it difficult to maintain a consistent blogging schedule, fit in the time required to learn how to write and publish my Kindle books, teach yoga and care for myself and family. Something had to give and as usual, self-care is the first thing to go. I can feel my energy and focus slipping across the board. So, for now, I’ve decided to take a break from blogging, give myself time and space to focus properly on learning how to publish and promote my books on Amazon Kindle platform, back on track with my self-care routine, update my website and generally give myself space to unfold and grow into the next phrase of my life:)

I know, in the long run, taking time now away from blogging and social media will give me the clarity and guidance I seek. So, I just want to say a massive thank you for allowing me into your inbox and sharing my journey with you. You rock!

See you soon.

Hugs, peace and blessings.


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Three Yoga Books for $2.99 or Less…

Hugs, peace and blessings dear friends and how are you today? As per usual, thanks for visiting my page and taking time to be part of our growing circle of love and light. Today is extra special as I’m writing to let you know I’m running a Weekend Special Offer Three Yoga Books for $2.99 or less each on my popular yoga Kindle books. So, if you are feeling extra stressed-out and looking for simple ways to reduce stress, have more me-time and chill out this weekend, check out the special offer below and treat yourself to some gentle self care and yoga. You deserve it.

Details Of Yoga Books Offer

From today, Friday July 11th to Monday 14th July 2014 each of the following books will be sold for $2.99/£2.99 or less in USA and UK. Have a look and get them now, while they’re at this special offer. To help me grow my yoga business, can you leave an honest review about the book once you’ve read it. Thank you.

Yoga Book One: Back Care – Yoga Exercises For Lower Back Pain At Work

Back Care Yoga Exercises Kindle book

U.S. ==>

UK ===> Back Care Yoga Exercises For Lower Back Care At Work

Yoga Book Two: Yoga For Beginners, How To Choose Your First Yoga Lesson

Read more…?

The Secret To A Powerful Creative Day

Hugs and blessings dear friends and welcome to today’s post ‘The Secret To A Powerful Creative Day’ which is the first in our mini-series of video blogs looking at specific activities you can do at home to have a powerful, creative day.

At the beginning of this year, I received several requests from readers and friends asking for advice to set up a “morning routine” as a way to kickstart their day. It has taken me a while to get my act together as I wasn’t sure of the best way to respond to everyones needs. Rather than continue to procrastinate, I thought I would share my daily morning routine as a way of giving you ideas about what you can do. In the video blog below, I share the first segment of my early morning routine.

Click here to watch this video over on my YouTube Channel

Here’s My Secret Weapon For A Powerful And Creative Start To My Day

As I mentioned in the above video, my daily morning practice of prayers, meditation and yoga helps me have a joyful, powerful creative day. The more time I commit to prayer and meditation, the more I Read more…?

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