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Guided Breathing Meditation For Beginners (2 minute vlog)

Bless you dear gentle friends and welcome to my blog. I pray you are well and in good health. Today’s vlog is a two minute Guided Morning Breathing Meditation For Beginners which I recorded earlier on during the week.

As you know I’m exploring and getting used to recording and using videos as part of my blog. It’s great fun and I’m enjoying the process. I’m very much in the baby stages of video recording and setting up my YouTube channel so please bear with me as I’m finding it a very steep learning curve.

Today’s post is an introduction to test the waters of a new series of blog posts I want to write to help you set up a daily morning meditation and yoga practice as part of your desire to live a healthier lifestyle. You can also view this 2 minute guided breathing meditation here on my YouTube Channel.

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7 Quick Ways To Beat Back Pain At Work And Improve Your Posture

Hello blessed Yogis, thanks for visiting and special greetings to new subscribers. I trust you are well and remember to take time to look after your health and take care of yourself.

what's your posture like?

Today’s post looks at 7 ways you can improve your posture reduce back pain and neck tension caused by sitting down too long working on your computers.

I know many of you spend most of your day, either blogging or working at your desk on a computer. Have you noticed how stiff and sore your back and neck feels after a few hours of close focused work?

As I sit here and type and tune in, I notice how sore my eyes feel and my shoulders ache and I have to make a conscious effort to realign my posture to sit correctly. Read more…?

4 Life Lessons I Learnt From My 30-Days YouTube Video Challenge

Bless you dear friends, big hugs and smiles and how are you today? I hope everything is going well for you and pray today’s post 4 Life Lessons I Learnt From My 30-Days YouTube Video Challenge reaches you in vibrant health. The sun is beaming here in London and that always cheers and lifts my heart. Today’s post is a brief reflection on how I felt I got on whilst doing my recent personal 30-Days Video Challenge, the video below gives you a bit more insight into how I felt I got on.

Why Did I Do The 30-Days YouTube Video Challenge?

My goal was to record a video every day in March 2014, I missed a couple of days but overall I am really pleased I managed to stick with the venture and record and upload a “raw and unedited” video most days.

Over the last few months I’ve received emails from several readers enquiring whether I would create yoga/meditation videos or if I could recommend some good meditation and/or yoga videos as you are keen to practice at home.

Writing Has Always Been My Preferred Mode Of Communication, yet I recognise the value of watching yoga videos and listening to audio meditations because it is something I also like to watch, listen and learn from.

So, in the spirit of “stepping up and solving your yoga and meditation challenges” and encouragement from a dear friend, I decided to look into the whole YouTube video arena and see how I can overcome my fear of Read more…?

Free eBook Downloads-Healing After Loss, 28 Devotional Poems For Healing And Peace

Bless you Dear Friends and a hearty welcome to new readers. Thanks for being part of our loving yoga community and I hope you are able to take up today’s Special Offer of FREE ebook downloads of my Amazon Kindle eBook “Healing After Loss 28 Devotional Poems For Healing And Peace

As you may know may, I’m doing a personal Record-A-Video-A-Day challenge this month as a way to overcome my fear of being on camera! So, for today’s video I thought I would share a little bit with you about what “Healing After Loss” means to me and how writing helped me heal from my loss.

Get Your Free eBook Download Of “Healing After Loss” Here…

You can download your FREE copy today of Healing After Loss 28 Devotional Poems For Healing And Peace by clicking here.

I really hope you enjoy reading your free gift and would love it if you left a review to encourage others to buy the book and find peace. Thank you.

Closing Words

Today’s post is short as I wanted to touch base and let you know about the free eBook download.

Keep an eye out in your inbox next week for my next blog post.

Till then, may you and everyone dear to your heart be filled with the joys of peace and love.



P.S. This free eBook download ends midnight Saturday 29th March 2014 so pop over to Amazon Kindle ebooks and download your free copy of Healing After Loss, 28 Devotional Poems For Healing And Loss NOW!

My First Spoken Word Video Blog – I Am A Power Girl

Bless you dear friends, I pray you and your loved ones are healthy and well and thank you for visiting my blog. Following on from last week’s video blog, today’s post is another first; An Inspirational Poem and My First Spoken Word Video Blog, I Am A Power Girl. YAAAY!!! And here it is…

Inspirational Poems and Spoken Word Artist – My Secret Dream

Regular readers will know how much I love writing and inspirational poems and prayers are my forte. Despite my success in writing, for years I’ve held a dream of having the confidence to perform my poems live and entertain others like Suli Breaks.

But I lacked confidence and didnt believe I had the ability to speak out loud and perform my poems. So, I settled for writing and sharing my poems via by Kindle ebooks.

But, there comes a time Read more…?

My YouTube Videos And How I’m Overcoming My Fear Of Being On Camera

Bless you dear Friends, thanks for visiting my blog and welcome to today’s article which is…drum roll…drum roll…drum roll…. My YouTube Videos And How I’m Overcoming My Fears Of Being On Camera.

Crazy uh. After all these years of procrastinating and feeling petrified of appearing on camera, I’ve finally dug deep and this month, set myself the challenge of recording and posting a video every day on my YouTube Channel.

My March 2014 YouTube Videos Goal

The purpose of my March 2014 “Post-A-YouTube-Video-Every-Day” challenge isn’t to record and post the “Perfect Video” but for me to face my fears, learn how to use my camera phone and record a video every day this month (March 2014) and post the video on YouTube. Read more…?

Wake-Up With A Smile – 3 Gentle Yoga Exercises In Bed To Ease You Into Your Day

Bless you dear friends; I pray you are well and if this is your first visit to my blog, Yoga Inspires- thank you for visiting.

Following on from our recent mini-series on the Sun Salutation, I received requests for a more “gentle yoga routine” to ease you into your day. So, today’s post covers 3 Gentle Yoga Exercises In Bed To Ease You Into Your Day.

The Sun Salutation is a marvellous way to boost your energy and give you an invigorating and energising start to your day. However, I know, some of you, despite all your good intentions find it difficult to motivate yourself to get up and do 5 rounds of the Sun Salutation first thing in the morning.

You Want A More Gentle Start To Your Day

If this sounds like you, here are three simple yoga exercises, you can practice, in bed to help ease you into your day. In fact, after a few days of doing these exercises you’ll feel more alert and awake and naturally want to follow this routine with a few rounds of the Sun Salutation:) Read more…?

St. Valentine’s Day Poem: Love Yourself First. What, Even Girls Like Us?

Hugs and blessings dear friends, how are you today? Thank you for visiting my blog;  I pray you are well and in good spirits. As you probably know today is St. Valentine’s Day and to join in the modern day celebrations, today’s poem, Love Yourself First. What, Even Girls like Us? is dedicated to all souls on a journey of self-love.


St. Valentine's Day, Love Yourself First

St Valentine’s Day, Love Yourself First

‘Heads Up’ About My St. Valentine’s Day Poem


I was in two minds whether to post this poem because it isn’t your usual love poem, especially on St. Valentine’s Day. However, given the history and legends surrounding Valentine’s Day and the fact love comes in all shapes and forms, I am sharing this poem in honour of the ladies whom originally inspired me to write it.

Love Yourself First. What, Even Girls Like Us? is very graphic and may offend some of you.

However, the story is real and how life rolls for some women. It is from my heart and dedicated to all the ladies I’ve met over the years who learn to love and value themselves as they survive and thrive from abuse and sexual exploitation.


How Do You Celebrate St. Valentine’s Day And Show Your Love?


Nowadays, Valentine’s Day is associated with love and romance and the amount of “love and affection” (i.e. gifts and money spent on your partner) is seen as crucial to the survival of your relationship.

However, there is a dark side to the widespread commercialisation of St. Valentine’s Day, and when I read this article about the way the environment is abused and people’s lives exploited to Read more…?

Mum Laughed All Night…

Dear friends, please excuse this very rough and ready post …I’m rushing out of the door .. and wanted to share a couple pictures with you from mum’s 80th before I get caught up in my day:)

Mum Laughed All Night...

Maleka, Mum and Jameela – Mum’s 80th

Mum had soooo much fun celebrating her 80th birthday party, she was like a little girl all smiles and giggles and jumping up and down everytime the door bell rang -considering mum said she didn’t want “any fuss or publicity”..she certainly had  a grand time.

Here are some pictures from mum’s birthday party (mum doesn’t really understand what I do, and how my blog works, so when I told her you sent your love and best wishes, she asked how does that work/how do you know she was 80, shrugged her shoulders, smiled and said thank you. Bless her.  Read more…?

YAY!!! Mum is 80 This Saturday- Happy 80th Birthday Wishes

Bless you dear friends…am super-excited. My dear mum is 80 this Saturday. 80! WOW! Isn’t that something? Please join me in wishing mum Happy 80th Birthday Wishes. Can you sense my joy? Here’s a picture of Mum and I taken at Hasina’s (my eldest daughter) graduation, 2012. Mum doesn’t like taking out photos, so this is a rare one to share.

Happy 80th Birthday Wishes


Mum and dad have worked hard all their life and even today, although retired, my parents still play a very active part in mine and my girls’ life. Without mum and dad holding my space and being there, I would of surely crumbled during the darker days of my divorce.  Read more…?

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